Amanda Southway has graduated from university with a 2:1 BA (Hons) in Photography. She has a background in fine art, which she studied for 2 years before her passion for photography took over whilst travelling around Australia and the Far East.

Amanda's work is a mixture of genres encompassing travel, landscape, architecture and alternative processing. Within this she uses a variety of medium format, 35mm, digital and darkroom techniques.

She is inspired by the ambiguity of Minor White’s work and the techniques employed by Ansel Adams to bring drama to his prints. The influences don’t stop there; Berenice Abbott, Simon Marsden, Gustave Le Gray & Salvador Dali all have an impact on her work to name but a few. Amanda’s enjoyment in documenting a time and a place, and her enthusiasm for travelling shine through in her best work.

In the future, Amanda is looking to expanded her portfolio and setting up her own darkroom. Long term, she is looking to become a name synonymous with travel photography, whilst maintaining her passion for traditional processes.

Photographs are now available for purchasing. Please use the Pricing Information page or contact Amanda for further details.